IGCSE Information & Communication Technology (0417)

IGCSE Information & Communication Technology (0417)

Updated for Syllabus of 2023-25

IGCSE ICT (Information Communication Technology) 0417 is quite an interesting and scoring subject! It allows you to test your skills with practicals as well as with theory. For most of us, the two ICT Practical papers (Paper 2 and 3) are a big boon as they boost your grade for IGCSE ICT. However, the challenge arises when it comes to the ICT Theory paper (Paper 1). The ICT Theory paper is 2 hours long and consists of questions ranging from one word answers to complex extended answers. The best way to score high in your IGCSE ICT Theory paper is to understand all the facts and processes, rather than just memorise them.

In order to help you out with all your ICT papers, we have compiled some easy to understand and yet effective IGCSE ICT revision notes in the form of questions and answers. We earnestly hope that these notes aid you in your IGCSE Examinations.

In order to gain success in your ICT examinations, just keep revising the notes given here and solve those tons of past papers and keep yourself ORGANISED. You are sure to get A* in your exams then!

Contents for IGCSE ICT 2020 and beyond

Here is a list of all the topics covered in the IGCSE ICT 2020 syllabus:

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1. Components of a Computer System
2. Types of Computers
3. Impact of Emerging Technologies
4. Input Devices - Input Pointing Devices
5. Input Devices - Input Reading Text Devices
6. Input Devices - Input Audio-Video Devices
7. Input Devices - Input Card Readers, Sensors and Remote Control
8. Output Devices
9. Storage and types of storage devices
10. Optical Storage Media
11. Solid State Media Storage
12. Network and Network Devices
13. Networks and their terminologies
14. Network Issues and Security
15. Network Communication
16. Effects of using ICT
17. ICT Applications - Part 1
18. ICT Applications - Part 2
19. ICT Applications - Part 3
20. ICT Applications - Part 4
21. ICT Applications - Part 5
22. Systems Life Cycle - Analysis & Design
23. System Life Cycle - Development to Evaluation
24. Safety and Security of people and Data
25. Safety and Security - Additional security techniques
26. Audiences
27. Communication-Emails
28. Communication-Internet

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We hope you enjoy ICT as much as we did 🙂

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