Updated for the 2020-21 Syllabus

IGCSE Biology (0610) has many topics and chapters that make it a content-heavy subject. The major challenge while dealing with IGCSE Biology is the apt completion of paper 4 (extended); paper 4s tend to be extremely lengthy and cumbersome to tackle. But don’t get disheartened! Effective revising and solving tons of past papers within the time limit will surely boost your performance! Moreover, examiners for IGCSE Biology tend to be lenient towards awarding marks; usually descriptive questions worth 3-5 marks tend to have 7-10 keywords that increase your probability of gaining a  lot of marks.

To help you out with effective and fast IGCSE Biology revision, we have specially designed our notes to be easy to understand and digest. Look out for our special tips and fun facts that will cheer you up for the examination!!

We hope our notes will benefit you in your examinations and help you score an A*!

All the best and happy revising 🙂

Contents for IGCSE Biology 2020 and beyond:

The following are the topics present in the IGCSE Examinations for the subject Biology.

  1. Characteristics and Classification of Living Organisms
  2. Organisation of the Organism
  3. Movement In and Out of Cells
  4. Biological Molecules
  5. Enzymes
  6. Plant Nutrition
  7. Human Nutrition
  8. Transport in Plants
  9. Transport in Animals
  10. Diseases and Immunity
  11. Gas Exchange in Humans
  12. Respiration
  13. Excretion in Humans
  14. Coordination and Response
  15. Drugs
  16. Reproduction
  17. Inheritance
  18. Variation and Selection
  19. Organisms and their environment
  20. Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
  21. Humans Influences on Ecosystems

Message from IGCSE Pro team as of May 23, 2020:

We are aware that a lot of topics are missing. We are in the process of uploading them as fast as we can while maintaining our quality benchmarks. Your patience is very much appreciated!