IGCSE Physics (0625)

IGCSE Physics (0625)
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Welcome to our thorough IGCSE Physics (0625) guide! You've come to the perfect place if you're a diligent student hoping to do well on your forthcoming examinations or new to IGCSE and just getting started. We have methodically put together this comprehensive collection of IGCSE Physics review notes with the goal of demystifying difficult ideas, clearing doubts, and giving you a firm foundation in the subject. As you get ready for your examinations, we want to make sure that your preparation process is not only fruitful but also enjoyable. Come along with us as we explore the worlds of forces, energy, waves, electricity, and much more so that you may go into your examinations with greater knowledge and assurance.

Just like in the textbook, IGCSE Physics notes have been broken down according to their respective chapter for your convenience.

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1. Motion, Forces, Energy

  • 1.1 Physical Quantities & Measurement Techniques
IGCSE Physics - Physical Quantities & Measurement Techniques
Measurements are a part of our daily lives, right from measuring volume of edible liquids, to measuring the speed of light!In this guide, we are going to put forward some important revision points that may come useful during your IGCSE examinations. All the very best!
  • 1.2 Motion
IGCSE Physics - Motion - IGCSE Pro revision notes
This is a section that guides you through the topics of forces and motion, discussing and covering all the important topics that you need to know for your IGCSE Physics examinations.
  • 1.3 Mass and Weight
Mass, Weight, and Velocity
Mass and weight are DIFFERENT. Mass is a measure of the amount of matter in an object when it’s not moving. Weight is a gravitational force on an object that has mass. Basically, weight is the effect of a gravitational field on a mass.
  • 1.4 Density
Density - IGCSE Physics Revision Notes - IGCSE Pro
Have you ever wondered why oil floats above water? Me neither 😂 . But oh, well, here you are coming to learn about Density. So be our guest. Let’s wonder about this together!
  • 1.5 Forces
IGCSE Physics - Effects of Forces - IGCSE Pro revision notes
Supercharge your IGCSE Physics revision with this chapter of IGCSE Pro’s guide to IGCSE Physics - Effects of Forces. Updated for latest syllabus
  • 1.6 Momentum
Momentum - IGCSE Physics Revision Notes - IGCSE Pro
In this section of IGCSE Physics, we will be learning about Momentum. The concepts here meet the syllabus requirements for IGCSE Physics.

1.7 Energy, Work & Power

Energy, Work, and Power - IGCSE Physics Revision Notes
In this chapter of IGCSE Physics, we take a deep dive into Energy, Work, and Power discussing what each mean, and the physics behind it.
  • 1.8 Pressure
Pressure - IGCSE Physics Revision Notes - IGCSE Pro
Pressure is the measure of force applied over a given area. The standard unit for pressure is the Pascal (Pa) where 1 Pa = 1 N/m2

2. Thermal Physics

  • 2.1 Kinetic Particle Model of Matter
Kinetic Particle Model Of Matter - IGCSE Physics Revision
This chapter covers the states of matter, its properties, Brownian motion, Boyle’s law, and more!
  • 2.2 Thermal Properties & Temperature
Thermal Properties and Temperature - IGCSE Physics Revision
When heated, materials typically exhibit a phenomenon known as thermal expansion, where they increase in size, and conversely, they shrink when cooled.
  • 2.3 Transfer of Thermal Energy (coming next)

3. Waves

  • 3.1 General Properties of Waves
  • 3.2 Light
  • 3.3 Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • 3.4 Sound

4. Electricity and Magnetism

  • 4.1 Simple Phenomena of Magnetism
  • 4.2 Electrical Quantities
  • 4.3 Electric Circuits & Electrical Safety
  • 4.4 Electromagnetic Effects

5. Nuclear Physics

  • 5.1 The Nuclear Model of the Atom
  • 5.2 Radioactivity

6. Space Physics

  • 6.1 Earth & The Solar System
  • 6.2 Stars & The Universe

Editor's Note from the IGCSE Pro Team

We are in the process of uploading notes for the IGCSE Physics section in accordance with the latest syllabus. We thank you for using IGCSE Pro and encourage you to bookmark this page so that you can visit this section in the future when it has been fully updated.