Grade Calculator - Easily Calculate your Grades

Use this calculator to calculate your grades for tests, assignments, quizzes, and more. This calculator allows you to adjust the grade scale, which can provide flexibility across different subjects that you might be studying.

Grade Calculator

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How to Calculate your Grades

Here is a quick guide on how to use the Grade Calculator

  • Step 1: Adjust the Grade Scale to match the scale that you are being graded on.
  • Step 2: Enter the total number of questions that you will be tested on. Then, hit 'Calculate Grades'.
  • Step 3: And boom! The calculator will give you a table with your grade along with the number of questions you got right, wrong, and the percentage.

If you are an IGCSE Student, this can be useful for planning out your tests in class and having a target grade in mind.

It can also be useful to convert your numerical scores into grades to see what is the grade you will end up getting.

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