How to Study the IGCSE during the Covid-19 pandemic

How to Study the IGCSE during the Covid-19 pandemic
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Nah, actually, ditch the IGCSE, this situation is a mess, I'm just going to go back and take a huge, as in HUGE dump ;-).

Just kidding.

We all know this situation is extraordinarily 'unique' and that our great grandchildren will perhaps study about the COVID-19 Pandemic for their IGCSE History examinations. But again, we're not here to talk about your great grandchildren that will come eventually if we all are not killed by another unknown infectious virus!

It is most likely that you are participating in a lockdown (Unless you're reading from North Korea perhaps). Your fate to study for the IGCSE is probably sealed being stuck in a serious romantic relationship with your IGCSE textbooks. Using your textbooks to memorise jargons of topics to study is a very generic, analogue way of an approach.

Past Papers

Take a bunch of past papers, and regardless of your preparedness for the subject, set a timer and finish at least one past paper a day. Then look up the mark scheme and jot down the correct keywords for that question as concisely as possible.


We created this website four years ago just so that we could change how you study. Of course, you are very welcome to utilise our notes and resources. They have been crafted with hours of efforts put in and to make learning much more efficient and yet effective.

Physical Activity

Your body NEEDS some form of daily physical activity. Staring at the screen procrastinating for hours altogether can be pretty tiresome. Splash some water on those eyes and exercise till your muscles respire anaerobically to produce lactic acid, which then gets into the bloodstream and makes you experience what is called 'oxygen debt' ;-).

Multivariable Cerebral Connections

No, this is not a Biology textbook. I'm just flexing my linguistic abilities to explain the concept of 'experiential learning'. Try thinking of the concepts that you learn about and its relevance to our current lives. The more links you create between things you learn and their significance in your day to day experiences, the more you shall be able to recall those delicious keywords that shall satisfy the enormous academic appetite of the IGCSE examiners.


Don't think of studying for the IGCSEs as a burden. Manifest it as a privilege and be grateful that your education was not completely stalled. The world is going through tough times and it is our responsibility to demonstrate perseverance in whatever way we can.

Stay Safe!

If you think my humble attempt to add a pinch of inspiration in the great recipe that makes your life amazing, stay tuned for more!