Future of IGCSE Pro

Future of IGCSE Pro
Photo by Akshay Chauhan / Unsplash

Looks like a very dead website without much happening here right? Wait till we prove you wrong.

We finally became a part of the periodic table! (You wish!)

Believe it or not, we've been around for at least five years, creating and modifying IGCSE revision notes that can not just help you study smarter, but also push you towards achieving that dream grade.

Surely we ran into a lot of issues. And being transparent about them is essential.

The entirety of our team are college going individuals with a significant amount of workload to adhere towards. In the past, this barely left us with any time to keep working on the website and expanding it. Eventually our competitors demonstrated an exponential growth (like a bunch of microbes) and surpassed our rankings in major search engines.

A couple hundred database errors and months later, we realised we could do this better. We shifted to a new much more faster and less glitchy Content Management System which shall help us to keep providing our educational services to our audience when they truly need it.

Currently, the website may not seem much, but we are in the process of uploading updated notes for the latest IGCSE syllabus. Personally, I shall be attempting to publish several blog posts that- dare I say- might make you chuckle.

We are grateful for your patience and recommend that you bookmark IGCSE Pro in your web browser for the time being.

Good Luck fellas!