Welcome to our IGCSE Physics section!

Physics is a quite scoring IGCSE subject. All it takes to score high is your mathematical skills that you need to use while solving numerical questions. Another significant aspect about IGCSE physics is that the chapters are quite small and can be easily covered.

It is worth practicing all the equations while revising Physics. Solving tons of past papers, recalling the right formula at the right time and writing precise yet small answers are the skills that you need to develop for scoring high in your examinations.

To help you with your revision, we have compiled some of our physics notes that cover all the major aspects of the 2016-2019 IGCSE physics syllabus. Keep an eye out for extra free bonuses such as examiner’s tips, study tips, fun facts and more!

We hope you enjoy revising this subject and score an A* in it.

All the best!

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List of topics covered in IGCSE Physics (0625)

General Physics

  1. Measurements
  2. Describing motion
  3. Forces and motion
  4. Forces and matter
  5. Energy transformations and energy transfers
  6. Energy resources
  7. Work and power

Thermal Physics

  1. The Kinetic Theory of Matter
  2. The gas laws
  3. Heat energy transfers

Wave physics

  1. Properties of waves
  2. Sound
  3. Light
  4. Reflection of light
  5. Refraction of light
  6. Total internal reflection
  7. Lenses
  8. Spectra

Electricity and magnetism

  1. Magnetism
  2. Static electricity
  3. Electric current
  4. Potential difference
  5. Resistance
  6. Electrical Safety
  7. Transducers and Electronic systems
  8. Logic gates and digital electronics
  9. Electric motors
  10. Electromagnetic induction
  11. Transformers and transformer calculations

Atomic physics

  1. Atomic structure
  2. Radioactivity
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