Microsoft Excel

This section will make your ICT practicals in Microsoft Excel a bit easy!

Function Syntax Example
Sum =sum(startvalue:endvalue) =sum(A1:G1)
Average =Average(startvalue:endvalue) =Average(A1:G1)
Max =Max(startvalue:endvalue) =Max(A1:G1)
Min =Min(startvalue:endvalue) =Min(A1:G1)
count (for nos.) =count(startvalue:endvalue) =Count(A1:G1)
count (for text) =countA(startvalue:endvalue) =CountA(A1:G1)
Integer =Int(value) =Int(25.789) -> 25
Round =Round(value,decimal place) =Round(35.6782,2)-> 35.68
IF =IF(value1,value2,criteria) =IF(D2>50,”A”,”B”)
countif =countif(range,criteria) =countif($A$1:$A$10,A1)
sumif =sumif(range,criteria,sum range) =sumif($A$!:$A$10,A1,$B$1:$B$10)
nestedIF =IF(criteria,value1,
Vlookup =Vlookup(loopup value,Table array,cot index no.Range Lookup) =Vlookup(A2,sheet2$A$1:$B$10,1)
  1. How to insert header and footer?
    • To insert header and footer:
      • Click on insert
      • Click on header and footer
      • Select blank 3 columns
      • Insert name, center no., roll no., date and time, Page no., file name, file path
  2. How to display function?
    • To display function, press control and Alt keys together
  3. Page setup
    • Orientation – Portrait, Landscape
    • Margins – Top, Bottom, Left and Right
    • Papersize – A4
    • Insert row, Insert column, delete row, delete column
    • Printouts – 1) For specific range
      • e.g. A1 to D15
      • Select range A1 to D15
      • Click on File, click print active sheet
      • select print, select print selection
  4. How to adjust worsheet or spreadsheet to one page wide?
    • To adjust worksheet to one page on Page Layout, this opens Page setup tab, select the ‘Page’ tab, select Fit under Scaling and choose 1 page wide by 1 tall
    • Decrease margin from left and right, adjust page to 85% or 90%.
  5. How to extract data?
    • To extract data – select all headings, click on home tab, select filter,, apply filter
  6. How to sort data?
    • To sort data, click on home tab, select option sort and filter, select – sort A to Z, sort Z to A, custom sort

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