IGCSE ICT (Information Communication Technology) 0417 is quite an interesting and scoring subject! It allows you to test your skills with practicals as well as with theory. For most of us, the two ICT Practical papers (Paper 2 and 3) are a big boon as they boost your grade for IGCSE ICT. However, the challenge arises when it comes to the ICT Theory paper (Paper 1). The ICT Theory paper is 2 hours long and consists of questions ranging from one word answers to complex extended answers. The best way to score high in your IGCSE ICT Theory paper is to understand all the facts and processes, rather than just memorising them.

In order to help you out with all your ICT papers, we have compiled some easy to understand and yet effective IGCSE ICT revision notes in the form of questions and answers. We earnestly hope that these notes aid you in your IGCSE Examinations.

In order to gain success in your ICT examination, you need continuously PRACTICE past papers and keep yourself ORGANISED.

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Topic list for IGCSE ICT

Here is a list of all the topics covered in the IGCSE ICT 2016 syllabus:

  1. Types and Components of Computers
  2. Input Devices
  3. Output Devices
  4. Storage Devices and Media
  5. Computer Networks
  6. The Effects of Using ICT
  7. Systems Analysis & Design
  8. Audiences
  9. Cloud Computing
  10. Impact of Emerging Technology
  11. Microsoft Excel
  12. HTMLΒ and HTML Style Sheet

Applications of ICT

  1. Communication Applications
  2. Data Handling Applications
  3. Measuring Applications
  4. Microprocessors in Control Applications
  5. Modelling Applications
  6. Manufacturing Applications
  7. School Management Systems
  8. Booking Systems
  9. Banking Applications
  10. Expert Systems
  11. Computers in Medicine
  12. Computers in Libraries
  13. Computers in the retail industry
  14. Recognition Systems
  15. Monitoring and Tracking Systems
  16. Satellite Systems

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We hope you enjoy ICT as much as we did!

All the best!

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  • Zain

    Are these 2017 syllabus?

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