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IGCSE ProIGCSE Pro is ‘the ultimate IGCSE revision website’. It was founded by a group of IGCSE students who have successfully excelled in the 2016 feb/march exam series.

Hello IGCSE students!

Warm Greetings from the IGCSE Pro team!

Committed and honest efforts for almost 6 months have all brought IGCSE Pro up ready to be thrown open to you and millions of IGCSE Students worldwide!

During our IGCSE examinations, we realised what topics were crucial and where we failed while attempting the questions. We strongly believe that you mustn’t commit the same mistakes we made in our examinations hence the result of creating a fantastic website for effective IGCSE revision.

A factor that affects your preparedness for an examination is how much the concept has assimilated in your memory. To increase the understanding of a particular concept, linking day-to-day incidents to it is important. At IGCSE Pro, we have taken care of this factor in the professional way; all our study guides are crafted creatively with such expressions.

All you need to excel in your IGCSE Examinations is:

  • High quality revision notes
  • Tons of past paper practice
  • Effective management of time
  • Organisation of all your resources (such as study guides, past papers etc.)
  • Strong willpower
  • A focused aim of achieving a certain grade

Moreover, you just need to believe one thing: you have the potential of conquering the IGCSE examinations. No one in the world can obstacle your path to success 🙂

maximizing your efforts and hard work is just one diminutive factor to success; most noteworthy one is improving your concentration.

Ah! so that’s all finally for now! I shall be soon sharing many ways to stretch your capacity to soar the skies!

Till then, stay tuned 🙂

The ‘eccentric’ IGCSE Pro team.

last...but not the least:

IGCSE Pro Fact!

The intense dedication by our founders towards this website is experienced with this fact that will leave you flabbergasted:

IGCSE Pro was established just after two of our founders had finished their last IGCSE paper (Biology paper 6) of the feb/march session!